We help small and large businesses to make money with the help of marketing tools, IT and video production. We take on B2B, B2C and B2G companies.
Our Team

What is a Swiss watch?
Why have they been so valuable for a long time?

▪️ First of all, because it is a well-promoted brand;
▪️In the second place, because it is a clear and well-coordinated mechanism.

Every detail inside, very competently and systematically performs its functions, and in the end you get the result - the exact time.

In our case, "Swiss watches" are our team.

Alisher Alimov
Founder of the agency; over 6 years in marketing and sales
Umar Buriev
Co-founder of the agency; Responsible for the systematization and implementation of all assigned tasks
Davlatmirzo Kadyrov
Managing partner of the agency; "Father" of all targeting experts in Uzbekistan

Mukhammad Khazhimatov

Head of IT department
Abbos Tursunov
Chief Accountant and Partner Relations Officer
Armen Pavlov
Head of the video production department; Creative director
Alexander Xarchenko
Director, video advertising screenwriter
Kamron Otamirzaev
Content creator
Samandar Usmanov
Art Director
Kamila Kodirova
Graphic, UI/UX designer
Elbek Buriev
Python, JS, C# Developer
Leyla Lebedeva
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