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UnionPay International is one of the TOP-3 international payment systems, which, in partnership with more than 2,400 financial institutions around the world, provides the opportunity to use UnionPay cards to pay for goods, services and withdraw cash in 180 countries around the world.

Carry out a 6-month BTL promotion, the purpose of which is to increase the number of transactions with UnionPay cards in the HUMO system. To work out the mechanics of the action, advertising support for 6 months, the selection of the most effective advertising channels.

It was decided to conduct an online campaign in the format of a prize drawing in partnership with supermarket chains Korzinka, Makro, a chain of discount stores HAVAS and a network of gas stations Uzbekneftegaz. We worked out the conditions and rules of the promotion. The main condition is to make purchases at any point of partner networks and upload a payment receipt in the Telegram chat bot (https://t.me/upipromo) or on the official website upi-promo.uz

What have we done?



chatbot promotions

stock website
Official Instagram



Special projects
with bloggers

Leafleting in the city


Telegram chat bot and the official website of the action

For the campaign, we developed a Telegram chat bot with a personal account, which has the ability to accept payment checks from participants. Informational support of the action was carried out on the official website of the action and on the official page of the action in Instagram.

Advertising support of the action

To increase the reach of the campaign, a media plan was developed, which includes offline and online marketing tools

Distribution of leaflets
To popularize the action, one of the most effective offline marketing tools was chosen - distribution of leaflets in crowded locations in the city of Tashkent. First, the leaflet design was developed, then the locations were selected based on the analysis of the target audience.
According to the promotion plan, many variants of offers were developed in order to find "successful compositions" of the offer and the selected audience and optimize advertising costs.
Next, a test launch was made and insights were obtained for further optimization:
Collaborations with bloggers

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