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NL International is one of the successful companies that sells a huge range of products: from functional nutrition to home and cosmetics. More than 20 years on the market. It also offers users a business partnership based on the MLM (multi level marketing) model.


Represent the marketing interests of the company in the local market. The following tasks were set:

  • conduct an audit of the company's reputation in the market of Uzbekistan;
  • development of a strategy for entering the market of Uzbekistan in the digital context;
  • phased launch of pages in social networks;
  • providing monthly recommendations to improve reputation;
  • launch of advertising campaigns;
  • develop a mechanism for distributing requests received from advertising among the company's business partners, since the sale of products and connection to business partners is carried out only through partners. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure equal conditions for distribution between partners.

Stages of work

  • Audit and developing of strategy for entering the Uzbek market in the digital context.

  • Development of a visual concept for maintaining social networks.

  • Launching Instagram.
  • Launch of Instagram Reels.

  • Telegram channel launch.

  • Start the MVP test of the platform for the distribution of applications from advertising.
  • Launch of Tik-Tok.

  • Integration with bloggers.

  • Full launch of the platform for the distribution of applications from advertising.

At the moment, the 1st stage of work has been fully implemented and planning of actions for the implementation of the 2nd stage has begun.

Digital market entry strategy in Uzbekistan.

Since the brand has not been officially presented in the information field until today, this strategy included a complete plan for launching official pages in social networks, an action plan for PR activities, and a plan for partner integrations with bloggers. This material is a trade secret of the company, we do not have to fully present it as a case. Below you can find the contents of this document:

Introductory information.

  • Goals and vector of development in digital.
  • Tone of voice.
  • A brief analysis of the social media of the main competitors.

The target audience.

  • Brief analytics.
  • Content blocks by target audience segments.

SMM part of the design. Positioning and layout.

  • Description
  • Highlights
  • Geotagging
  • Taplink
  • Hashtags

Content and visuals.

  • Content: tools and tips
  • Visual content: general concept

Content strategy.

  • List and description of author's headings for the NL brand.
  • Categories and tools for NL in Stories.
  • Visual content references by category.
  • References for Stories.

Brand presence and access to new social platforms.

Additional tips and workflow.

Visual concept


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