KoronaPay — a payment system operating in Russia and the CIS countries, which provides services for transferring funds without opening a bank account.
Conduct a 3-month BTL campaign throughout Uzbekistan, the purpose of which is to increase the number of transfers from Uzbekistan to Russia through a mobile application. The main indicator of the campaign's effectiveness is the increase in the number of mobile app installs and registrations in it.
Since the target audience of the brand is very wide and diverse, an integrated approach was chosen, which includes the following online and offline marketing tools:

  • outdoor advertising;
  • advertising on led screens;
  • advertising on buses;
  • advertising at the stations of the Tashkent metro;
  • branding of bus stops;
  • targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram;
  • PR campaign in Telegram news channels.

What have we done?

Placement of outdoor advertising in the city of Tashkent

Placement of outdoor advertising in the regions of Uzbekistan


Digital advertising campaign to increase mobile app downloads


Purchase of advertising

in Telegram channels

Production of video instructions for using the KoronaPay mobile application

Targeted advertising

Ad creatives have been developed for targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. According to the promotion media plan, there was a need to work out options for offers. Then, based on the results of test launches, the most successful offer for each segment of the target audience is selected and scaled up.

Based on the received brief, the concept of a video instruction was developed. On the video, we tried to show KoronaPay as a good old friend, but only in a new look, since the Golden Crown is very popular among the audience of money transfer senders.

Production of video instructions for using the KoronaPay mobile application
Placement of advertising on LED screens
Based on the money transfer company's statistics, 5 cities of Uzbekistan were selected for outdoor advertising and advertising on LED screens: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Fergana, Andijan. The commercial was placed on a total of 37 led screens.

Placement of advertisements on buses and subways

The capital is very rich in advertising formats, with which you can reach the maximum number of residents of Tashkent and guests. The most popular among them are advertising on buses, advertising at Tashkent metro stations, branding of bus stops. The advertising company of the Golden Crown did not bypass them. In total, advertisements were placed in 30 city buses, in 20 stations of the Tashkent metro and 5 bus stops were branded.

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