Top 5 IDO Launchpads for your Crypto Project in 2022

Launchpads are slowly becoming the backbone of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, offering small and large cryptocurrency projects, whether it be gaming, metaverse or a Move-to-Earn app, access to a pool of investors wanting to find the next gem.
Launchpads are helping connect like-minded individuals to enthusiastic developers, where anyone and everyone can invest and gain from this emerging market. 

What is a Launchpad 

Crypto Launchpads, also known as incubators, are platforms which allow decentralized crypto projects to raise funds by selling a percentage of the project’s token supply at a discounted price. 
Launchpads satisfy two fundamental needs: Decentralized crypto projects acquiring capital to fund marketing and development and investors getting the opportunity at, in their eyes, undervalued tokens. 
A launchpad most commonly makes money by taking a % of the total revenue generated by a project to fund their operations and as a reward for their service. 



The top-notch decentralized VC launchpad. Seedbox is all-in-one platform that grants access to the venture capital for the retail investors.
The paramount mission for the SeedBox is to bring the revolution to the existing market of decentralized VC crowdfunding. Focusing on building a multi-format launchpad we offer a variety of decentralized and multi-chain services for our community.
Seedbox features:
  1. IDO participation. They offer a safe, transparent and fair way to participate in high yielding crypto-projects at the early stage.
  2. VC access. SeedBox grants the access to the venture capital for the retail investors without having a strong assets or special requirements.
  3. Staking. They offer to you earn more SBX and interest rates can be very generous. And, the only thing you need is SBX that uses the proof-of-stake model.
  4. Farming. This feature assists protocol to keep up with the liquidity and reduce the slippage risk, which further cultivates the trading activity.
  5. Community Pool. Retain earnings pool to be accessed and claimed by staking the SBX, that source the certain % of the funds that is earned by the foundation.
  6. NFT Marketplace. The smooth transactions of the NFTs is offering by the line of limited-edition NFTs pre-minted with exclusive functionalities and utility features.
  7. Referral Program. Referral program encourages users to earn extra rewards in $SBX token by contributing to the community growth.
  8. Trade lottery. Users can swap IDO tokens on their platform; Each swap gives a chance to participate in a lottery for upcoming IDO's.


Being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Binances launchpad also boasts a successful launch platform with over $120m raised over 3.5 million unique users. 
In total, Binance has only launched 64 different projects, however each project is heavily scrutinized to ensure safety for the platforms users. An example of a recent successful lauch is STEPN, recently raising over 8,500 BNB ($3.5m).
Launching on Binance offers key advantages, such as extremely high liquidity on your project’s trading pairs and exposure to millions of unique Binance users. 


Launchpool promotes itself as an egalitarian launchpad, attempting to treat all stakeholders as equals, with equal opportunity to invest into upcoming projects.
Their launchpad is extremely active, constantly adding new projects in different phases to the list. Like previous launchpads, Launchpool connects a variety of projects to their ecosystem, each utilizing their own chain such as Ethereum or BSc.


Staying within the Solana ecosystem, Solrazr is another launchpad for Solana projects. However, Solrazr offers two distinct launchpad platforms:
  1. INO Launchpad: A launchpad dedicated entirely to NFTs, helping artists mint and launch their NFTs on the Solana blockchain with zero coding experience. NFT projects are listed as tokens are, instantly available on the blockchain.
  2. IDO Launchpad: Hosting of Solana-based cryptocurrency projects.
Solrazr utilizes their native token $SOLR to reward holders with benefits such as staker restricted launches and higher caps on smaller launches. 


Gamestarter is a crypto-gaming-based launchpad, offering decentralized IGOs to its userbase. Offering a playthrough of diverse games hitting all corners of the crypto-gaming industry such as; Metaverse games, Play-to-Earn, NFTs and more.
Their most successful launch, project seedboasts a massive 77x return at all-time highs, which shows how committed Gamestarter is in allowing all sizes of projects an opportunity at an IDO.