Strategy without tactics is a slow path to success, and tactics without strategy is a lot of useless hustle and bustle before defeat.
Social media presence strategy
Social media presence strategy includes the following points:
1. The main goal and objectives of the company in the framework of its presence of social. networks.
2. Analysis of the existing brand reputation in social networks, comparison with competitors.
3. Target audience and its segments.
4. Choice of social networks, where the brand will be presented (It is important to take into account the parameters inherent in the target audience of the brand).
5. Creation of a communication platform.
6. Development of a content plan.
Product strategies
Product strategy is the development of the most profitable product line for efficient operation in the market. The product strategy of the enterprise forms the rules, techniques for studying and organizing possible markets for goods and services that correspond to the mission of the enterprise.
Today the term "CREATIVE" is widely used in all spheres of public life. He often uses this fashionable concept in relation to the advertising sphere, especially in Tashkent. This is one of the most effective tools that helps a brand stand out from its competitors.