Influencer Marketing

This phrase appeared in our lexicon quite recently, as it became fashionable just a few years ago. Although the word “marketing” is included in the definition, it is closer to PR management.

Working with bloggers and opinion leaders
Bloggers are the very opinion leaders from Uzbekistan of the 21st century. In doing so, media can use influencers to attract and engage audiences.
When working with opinion leaders, you need to be clearly aware of your target audience and its media consumption. Based on this, you build the concept of communication with the audience: you are looking for the right platforms and bloggers.
Integration and placement
Bloggers can be moody. For example, they refuse to coordinate materials with you.

In this case, it is important to agree with the blogger on the maximum detailed TK. And it should contain, for example, words that must be mentioned in the blog. We need references, a description of the presentation style.

Special projects
In our experience, any business or person with the first thousand subscribers can work with bloggers - the number is not so important here. Interaction can be built both on a commercial basis - for money, and on a barter basis - for a free product