One of the largest manufacturers of milk, flour and oil products in Uzbekistan

Brand design of packages

We redesigned the labels for the lines of cheese, butter and flour products.

Also were created:
- product catalog;
- design of printed materials;
- design of branded clothing for company employees;
- developed the style of maintaining pages in social. networks
Based on the goals of the company, we selected the optimal advertising tools
In the initial stages of work, the average coverage of Instagram posts was over 600 people. In two months, through content management and game mechanics, this indicator was able to more than double, which is currently more than 1,600 people.
The purpose of the company's appeal was to increase brand awareness. To do this, we took advantage of the opportunities for targeted advertising.

For the period November-December 2020, the total coverage of advertising campaigns was more than 500,000 unique users. The increase in the memorability of advertisements was over 15,000 people. Audience engagement has tripled.

The advertising budget for this period was $ 100
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  • «SMM for sales UPGRADE»
    $585 USD
    We take over all social networks, we are engaged in promotion, strengthening the brand on a subconscious level, setting up targeted advertising and creating auto-funnels for sales.
  • Offline to Online strategy
    $1185 USD
    We develop a concept for the transition of your company from offline to online. We work out and "pack" your social networks, select the right tactics for working on promotion.
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