Imperiya Factory

Work done for the Imperiya

Imperiya is a factory specializing in the production of interior doors, cover panels, MDF battens and stairs. Before contacting us, the factory worked mainly on a contract basis in the B2B segment. The main purpose of the appeal was to enter the B2C segment.

Purposes of the appeal
- to rebrand, since the previous identity did not match the positioning and target audience of the brand in the B2C segment;
- development of a corporate website with the ability to accept applications for measurement;
- increasing awareness;
- an increase in the number of applications per month coming through the factory's Internet resources;


At this stage, a new minimalist logo was developed, corresponding to the positioning and meeting the requirements. We also chose corporate colors that were used in the design of social media pages.

In the next steps, we worked hard to increase the number of batching requests coming in over the Internet. For this, a sales funnel has been built, which allows you to consistently receive from 100 requests for accounting per month. Between September and October 2020, 281 measurement applications were received and processed.
We created a corporate website, which contains basic information about the company, about its completed orders, information about product lines. It also has the opportunity to get advice from factory specialists or leave a request for measurement.
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