Creation of an online store in Tashkent

We will create for you a selling online store that will sell 24/7!

Only1$/month !!!
We will do everything you need. And a bit more.
  • Beautiful design
    Our designers, together with our marketers and SEO specialists, will create a correct and beautiful design.
  • Personal domain
    We will connect any domain from any domain zone of the world to your store.
  • We will ensure safety
    The site will work uninterruptedly 24/7.
  • Mobile optimization
    Your site will look great on any device.
What will your online store be like?
Convenient to use
Our UI / UX designer will take care of this and select the optimal and beautiful colors. Will put everything in its place so that it is convenient for your audience to navigate the site.
Visually beautiful
The designer will select high-quality illustrations and pictures, and copywriters will write the selling text. We will fill in all the necessary content so that it lures and then sells to your customers.
More than 80% of people no longer use computers and only use their phone to access the Internet, so it is very important to provide for the mobile adaptation of your online store.

We adapt it to all types of devices so that it always looks beautiful and smooth.

Don't believe me? Try to visit our site from different devices. If our site looks crooked on your device, we will refund you 10% of the service cost;)
At high search engine
It is very important that your site is "visible" to Yandex and Google, otherwise it is highly likely that there will be few visitors to your site. Therefore, when developing your site, we will definitely carry out preliminary SEO optimization.

And so that the site does not disappear from the radar of search engines, you can contact us for further SEO optimization of the site.
We will connect all the tools for business
  • Collecting phone numbers or email of site visitors using the form of receiving data
  • Tracking statistics and accepting applications by mail or CRM
  • Create personalized landing pages for different audiences
  • Easy editing of a finished website in a few minutes
  • Accepting applications directly to a personal Telegram account or a Telegram group
  • Connecting interactive maps, timelines, ticket sales interfaces, etc.
Tell us what your online store should be like
This survey will help you more clearly understand your wishes for the project.
Desired dates
Project budget
(approximate budget you are willing to set aside in US dollars)
Name of the organization
General information about the company, areas of activity:
Description of the main products or services:
What price range does the companys goods or services belong to:
Description of the target audience
Who is the product / service focused on? What are the socio-demographic characteristics (gender, age, income, education, lifestyle) of its target audience?
User needs
What do your visitors want from the site (goals dictated to the site from the outside)?
How is your product or company useful to the consumer?
What problems of the target audience are being solved, what is the USP? (Unique selling proposition). Can USP be represented in numbers? For example: 25% lighter, 45% stronger, 10 gear speeds instead of 3, etc.
Direct competitors
It is necessary to list direct competitors. If possible, describe their strengths and weaknesses, what you like about their sites and what you dont.
Distinctive Advantages (Positioning)
Unique properties and advantages of products or services that differentiate you from competitors.
Conversion action expected from the user (goal of the online store)
Make a purchase, leave contacts, download a file, etc. If possible, immediately indicate the KPI in which you will evaluate the effectiveness of the online store
Promotions, discounts and unique offers
Describe your current promotions and discounts, what kind of promotion we can place on the site
Do you have a corporate style, logo, name, advertising slogan?
Do you have any graphics to use on the site?
Brochures, Designs, Slides, Product Photos, Company Photos, Pictures, etc.
Do you have quality certificates, certificates, patents, etc.?
Do you have customer reviews?
List online stores of well-known companies that you like and dislike. Write - why?
Do you need language versions of the site?
If so, which ones?
What other language versions of the site should there be?
Do you need integration with additional services?
What other integrations should there be?
What character, in your opinion, should be given to an online store?
What are your options for how your online store should be?
Color preferences
Your personal color preference
Do you have an employee who will support the site in the future?
Do you need to fill the site or will you do it yourself?
Will you need more online shopping this year?
List of additional services that you need right now
If you need other services not listed above, then write them in this field
Any additional information useful on the project
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